BFGoodrich© Tires makes the world's toughest tire, the All-Terrain™ T/A KO. It's the tire that invented the category. BFGoodrich© wanted to extend its brand reach and connect with a new segment of young outdoor enthusiasts—Adrenaline Junkies. To do this it had to be authentic while proving its tire prowess. Welcome to Playground Earth. So first we hooked up with a hardcore production crew made up of pro-climbers, explorers and sponsored The North Face© athletes to capture the action. Then we found four groups of adventurers (non-drivers) willing to hit the mountains, rivers and trails super hard to prove the tires toughness and show us how they play.  5 vehicles, 5 adventures, thousands of miles and one set of tough tires. Playground Earth All-Terrain Relay.


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